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The only and best SAUNA CLUB in Czech Rep.

Ich verrate Dir heute in meinem , warum FKK-Clubs einen besonderen Platz in meinem Herzen haben und welche unschlagbaren Vorteile ein Besuch im bietet.

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Club Palace Root Other Areas• Nach der Action begleitet die Dame Dich zu Deinem Spind, wo Du sie in bar bezahlst.

Club Mondial

Our Sauna club Girls At Club Mondial, every man will find variety.


Interacting with the Ladies As a punter you will interact with the girls in the club, mostly in the lounge area, but also in the rest of the club, obviously these ladies will be keen to hook customers, so they will use their feminine whiles to tempt you, you do not have to go with the first lady you talk to, take your time, you can chat to the girls naturally, some will be happy to converse and pretend to be interested in you, others will come straight to the point, especially if you both have limited language, she will ask to go to a room, up to you, you are in your rights to tell her maybe later, don't let them guilt trip you into taking them, as it's all a act, when you're ready to session, you can either call your target lady over to you, or go and find her, it's normal to sit down in the lounge for a chat and interview first, but not always, so you can detect the girls vibe, and suss out if you want to session with her, at this point there is no obligation to take her to a room, if the girls game she may kiss and cuddle with you on the sofa, or this may happen in the porno kino, next step she might ask to give you a BJ, at this point if you do allow her then you are obliged to session with her in a room, or just do it in the kino, or in some clubs in the lounge.

Alle Infos zum Mondial Köln (D) (Köln / Nordrhein

Men and women often pay the same entrance fee, including use of all facilities, food and drinks soft drinks and beer, Some clubs will admit couples.


Aber es ist auch kein Problem, abends kurz vorbeizuschauen und sich den Stress des Tages von der Seele massieren zu lassen.

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Generally acknowledged short term FKK comes from german — Frei Korper Kultor which literally means free body culture.

Saunaclub Mondial in Köln

Golden Gate Diamond Club Frankfurt• Some girls are hardcore bitches, check the Roemerforum for most recent reviews of individual girls.

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Leider konnte Ihre Nachricht nicht erfolgreich zugestellt werden.

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After you have been given bathing shoes and a towel by our friendly girls, you will be taken to the changing rooms and showers, where you can get ready at your leisure.